Community Sourced Tips for Elite: Dangerous

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Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials, commonly called mats, are used for engineering, synthesis, and unlocking modules at tech brokers. The Grade of a material is an indicator of its rarity, a higher G mat will be less common. Once you have enough credits to be comfortable, it’s reccomended you look for missions that offer G4/5 mats.

Material Caps

Materials don’t take up space in your cargo hold. They exist in their own space without mass, so pick them up whenever you can. Once again, inara is super useful for knowing what mats you need and where/how to find them.

G1 mats = 300
G2 mats = 250
G3 mats = 200
G4 mats = 150
G5 mats = 100

Material Farming

While you can obviously go around finding materials the regular way, it’s often a bit tedious. Here are some sites to make it quicker

Manufactured Mats: Dav’s Hope

Map of Dav's Hope

Raw Mats: Crashed Conda

Koli Discii Crashed Ship

Orrere Crashed Ship

Data Mats: Surface Bases

Down to Earth Astronomy’s video on this

The forum post, with site maps

Important note: Industrial bases will give you bounties and fines. Avoid them for this. I prefer Scientific bases.

Guardian Mats Coming Soon