Community Sourced Tips for Elite: Dangerous

This project is maintained by MasterChief-John-117

Some Random Ship Builds

These will be updated frequently, and have not been double-checked

https://s.orbis.zone/1j5o - Starter Eagle

https://s.orbis.zone/1jd_ - Starter Cobra Mk. III

https://s.orbis.zone/1mrz - Very good exploration build requiring only Felicity Farseer and optionally the FSD booster unlocked. (65Ly AspX)

https://s.orbis.zone/1bng - This build is krait for mining

https://s.orbis.zone/1is3 - Dropship Mining

https://s.orbis.zone/1jck - Type 9, King ming hauler build

https://s.orbis.zone/1is0 - Max Speed Mamba - 642m/s

https://s.orbis.zone/1j2u - Max Speed iCourier - 885m/s

https://s.orbis.zone/1mra - Kessel Run, 12 Parsecs (Exploraconda)

https://s.orbis.zone/1khu - Kessel Run, 11 Parsecs (Explorasp)

https://s.orbis.zone/2yny - General use Combat Chieftain build